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Summer is upon us and as you prepare for your holidays it’s good to be planful with your technology needs

Summer is upon us and as you prepare for your holidays it’s good to be planful with your technology needs. It can be risky to travel with technology if you’re not prepared to be away from the convenience of home. Your technology might get stolen, water damaged, lost, tampered with, or even destroyed.
To help put you to ease, we have a few tips on how to travel with your tech that might bring you some peace of mind. Check these things off your pre-travel to-do list before your next big adventure.

1. Get yourself a portable power bank or battery
Most mobile phones and tablets have improved battery life, but it’s reassuring knowing that you’ve got a backup with a portable battery. Before your trip, check all of your devices to make sure you have the proper cables, cords, and connectors for all of your devices while you’re travelling. Many portable batteries come with a variety of USB compatible ports.

2. Use a cable organizer (and never go back)
If you’ve got a lot of technology, you’ve probably got a lot of different cables. This is where a cable organizer comes in. Get a zip-up storage bag with compartments for things like cords, plugs, chargers, USB drive, a phone, mouse, and eReader or mini-tablet. It’ll be like having Silicon Valley packed into your suitcase. And make sure you check it before leaving your hotel… If something’s missing, it’s likely still plugged into an outlet!

3. Invest in a sturdier case and a screen protector
Get your phone case from Amazon? It might not be keeping your phone as protected as you think. Buy yourself a more rugged case and screen protector immediately. Good for when your home, they are critical If you’re travelling to different places and across different countries. These will keep your phone protected so that you don’t miss taking photos of those magical moments and remote places, so you can then share to flex on your social media! Not much is worse than having to get your phone repaired (or even replaced) when you’re away from home! Depending on your vacation plans you may want to invest in one that’s waterproof as well.

4. Consider travel gadgets to keep your things safe
If you’re travelling with technology, it might be worth getting yourself a new backpack. Anti-theft bags and wallets protect your personal info from getting swiped. Certain backpacks and purses are RFID safe, meaning they’ll keep identity thieves from scanning your passport, credit cards, or rental key information. Apple Air Tags can be put into your luggage or bags, or onto other expensive equipment that may get lost or stolen.

5. Be wary of public internet connections
Have you ever hopped on a public Wi-Fi network and received a notification that says, “this connection is unsecured”? It means that the usual security measures and encryption of the Wi-Fi connection are not protecting your data. That puts your personal information at risk to hackers or whoever else is snooping on the same network. When you receive an unsecured connection notification, simply get offline and put your phone on airplane mode. It’s better to wait until you’re on a secure network than to have your information hacked. Most things can wait if it means protecting your data.

6. Download offline apps for work and play
Before you leave for your trip, load your phone with offline apps that will come in handy in the instance that you don’t have Wi-Fi, there’s no service, or the connection is unsecured. Some apps let you manage your itinerary (hotels, car rentals, flights) without a data connection. Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ all allow you to download your favourite movies or shows for viewing without an online connection. Google translate will help you in conversation with foreigners. XE Currency Converter lets you compare live currencies of multiple countries at once. You can use each of these apps offline, which will be helpful just in case.

7. Beware of Roaming
It’s not as bad as it used to be, but the costs of roaming from your home network can still rack up unplanned charges. Check your SaskTel plan’s coverage so you can Roam & Relax, and not have to worry about unexpected charges and fees due to connecting in the U.S. or overseas.

For more help getting your essential travel gear together, or help with your with your vacation technology preparation and planning, stop by any one of our 14 Prairie Mobile retail store locations in Saskatchewan. We carry a wide variety and assortment of wireless cases, screen protectors, charging cables and other accessories that will help you truly get that well deserved time away!

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