No One Gets Left Behind


No One Gets Left Behind

Here’s how we set up our newly hired Team Members for success

Immersive Orientation & Training

On our industry, brand, culture, values, behaviour, health & safety, and learning.

Get-To-Know-You (GTKYs) Meetings

Introductory calls and meetings scheduled with key personnel in departments or roles you will interact with in your new job. These are opportunities to get to know more about the person, and how they will engage and work with you.

Orientation Checklists

To make sure you are provided with all the training, tools, and resources you will need in your first 3-months.

Our “Treat them Right” Focus

Activities, events, and practices that drive a high level of performance, engagement, and reduce turnover of talent.

✓  Respectful and positive workplace culture and work environment
✓  Feedback culture that promotes satisfaction, alignment, and enthusiasm
✓  Tools, resources, training that support well-being and self-care
✓  Giving back to our communities through charity and volunteerism

Did You Know?

Team Members in management roles participate in Prairie Mobile University, our in-house program designed to grow, and develop managers to be stronger leaders for their teams.

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