We Hear You


Our value of CURIOSITY means we are always listening and responding to our Team Members’ questions and needs. Even during the pandemic, we provided a variety of platforms for our Team Members to reach out.



Microsoft Teams

Every Team Member has access to Teams, our company-wide communications platform. In addition to traditional email and phone, by using Teams you can text, call or video chat with other Team Members, individually or in groups. You can also participate in channels dedicated to specific roles, departments, or topics. One channel is dedicated to Recognition, where Team Members can share each other’s efforts and performance with the rest of the company.

Team Member One-On-One's

Managers hold individual one-on-one sessions with each Team Members on a regular recurrence. These can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your role and department. The intention is a regularly scheduled check-in with both the Team Member and their manager, where they can share progress updates and collaborate on their work.

Quarterly Performance Updates (QPU's)

QPUs are formally scheduled performance review sessions with every Team Member and their Manager every 3-months. QPUs measure each Team Member on three categories: Core Skills, Culture and Job Specific Skills. QPUs are dedicated and committed time to provide Team Members with specific and individual training and development opportunities. Team Members also use QPUs to ask for what they need to grow, develop and be successful from their managers.

Feedback Surveys

Periodically surveys will go out to select or all Team Members, and departments. Our goal is to understand the challenges, needs and concerns on various topics by reaching out directly and giving each Team Member a voice.

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