Training Programs

Immersive Orientations & Training

Team Members are trained on relevant aspects of our business and industry. This includes new hire checklists, health and safety training and certifications, and orientations around our culture and values. Managers and Team Members work together to make sure you are provided with all the training, tools, and resources you will need in your first 3-months. We also partner you with industry leaders and our key vendors on product and service training and certifications. Depending on your role, introductory calls and meetings scheduled with key personnel in departments that you will interact with in your new job. These are opportunities to get to know more about the person, and how they will engage and work with you.

Prairie Mobile University

Prairie Mobile University - Prairie Mobile University is an ambitious and intentional investment we are making in our emerging and existing leaders and managers. Our goal is to provide our managers with more effective leadership tools, to enable them to be the best leaders they can be. The training and tools we provide will mirror our corporate goals and expectations around Leadership, Engagement and Service.

Intern & Coop Programs

Prairie Mobile works with many technical schools and colleges across the country, providing opportunities for learning and training of specialized two-way radio and adjacent technologies, and skills. Many Interns and Coop students subsequently join Prairie Mobile in technical roles. Our own in-house intern and coop program, called Traditions, will launch in late 2022, which will make Prairie Mobile an employer of choice for those who seek out careers in all aspects of communications.

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