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Now Hiring! How to Find Your Best Fit

Today you are more likely to find “now hiring” signs and online job posts than ever. There is a great shortage of talent, and you hear much in the news about “the Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting”. Most of those problems are real, however the root cause is usually fit. Does the job you are working in “fit” your expectations, education, experience, interests, and lifestyle? If not, you’re more likely to find dissatisfaction in your role, whatever company, or industry you work in. More than ever, it’s important that both employees and companies have a clear sense of what is the best “fit” for them. For example, you might really enjoy the people you work with, but the work and industry aren’t a great fit for you. Likewise, companies that don’t intentionally seek out and hire candidates that would best fit their culture and work environment, are likely to lose those candidates to other jobs that fit better.

Whatever your interest, skills set or location, you’re sure to find a way to tap into your experience and passion at Prairie Mobile Communications. The first step? Researching roles. We recommend starting at our Careers pages, where you can learn more about open positions, our culture and values, and hear team members’ stories about what it’s like to work here. We’ve got an incredible team, a growing business and great pay and benefits (including remote or hybrid work options) — but no matter how you slice it, it’s always a great time to be on Team PMC. And with you on board, we’re only going to get better. Whether you’re thinking about applying to become a part time team member or a full time Radio Service Technician, you’re in the right place to join more than 200 people who have carved out a place of their own at Prairie Mobile. Wherever and however Prairie Mobile fits into your career path, our belief stays the same: don’t just work somewhere, work somewhere you love. Explore our career areas to learn more!

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