It’s the most BUSIEST time of the year!

In our Saskatchewan Prairie Mobile wireless retail stores, we’re all about delivering affordable joy for you, every day and now during Black Friday and the holidays. This year we’re pulling out all the stops with our new Black Friday and holiday campaign featuring exciting new phones and accessories, high tech gifts and equipment, and a customer experience and environment that is warm, welcoming — and oh-so-Prairie Mobile!

Prairie Mobile’s Latest Store Strategy and Design Has Arrived, And It’s Got EVEN MORE of What You Love — Take a Look

Walk through the front doors of any of our new customer engagement stores and there’s no mistaking you’re at Prairie Mobile Communications. From the anticipation of discovering your new favorite accessory for your mobile device, to the joy of friendly team members ready to help, we want to create an experience that is not just uniquely Prairie Mobile, but one that leaves you feeling welcomed and inspired.

Now Hiring! How to Find Your Best Fit

Today you are more likely to find “now hiring” signs and online job posts than ever. There is a great shortage of talent, and you hear much in the news about “the Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting”. Most of those problems are real, however the root cause is usually fit.